Town Homes on the Green Rentals location, address, map, and directions

50 Star Valley View Dr. #8B
Afton, WY 83110
Call: 307-885-7355


We are approximately 3/4 mile South of the Star Valley Medical Center, and 1/2 mile South of the new Star Valley Temple, and right beside the Afton Star Valley View/Vu Golf Course.

Look for the Aspen Ridge Realty sign (orange - picture below), and turn East at the two Stone Pillars (pictured below) on the East side of the highway. Drive straight ahead 200 feet, look for our two signs (Aspen Ridge Realty and Town Homes On The Green Rentals)! Come in the first office on the West end of the building. There is an "Office" sign beside the door.

GPS Coordinates: 42.703208, -110.932348

Aspen Ridge Realty Office Sign